Staff Catering – Airlines

Staff Catering – Airlines

Middle Eastern Airlines

Between 2013 and 2017 FSI worked with two Middle Eastern airlines which wanted to ensure that their worker supply chains were clean and that recruited workers were debt free when they commenced employment.


Both clients operate high volume catering operations to support in flight and terminal catering. They required the full spectrum of catering and catering support staff from highly capable chefs to prepare and serve meals in first class lounges to dishwasher operators working behind the scenes. Due to national internal security requirements pertaining to airport operations, they needed FSI to have a flexible range of nationalities available and assist in the generation of security clearances by vetting in the countries of origin.

The FSI Solution

We had previously recruited hospitality staff in small numbers so this was a challenge of volume and variety.

To meet the challenge, we did the following:

  • Advertised through multiple channels and ensured that candidates could approach us directly without the debt risk of having to use middle men or sub-agents.
  • Identified five star and other high quality hospitality facilities where candidates of the best quality were looking for overseas work.
  • Conducted detailed analysis of the job requirements and then gathered a large pool of suitably qualified and experienced candidates from which we down selected to achieve a high quality candidate pool for our clients to select from.
  • Put in place kitchen facilities and ingredients to enable the assessment of food preparation candidates by the clients’ managers.
  • Briefed candidates about the working and living conditions at the destination airports so that the drop out rate was very low because there were no surprises.
  • Assisted the clients’ managers / recruitment teams by presenting the candidates with completed document packs, laying on briefing and interview facilities and generally enabling a transparent and efficient final selection process.
  • After the clients’ departure we carefully coordinated visas and ticketing and then ensured that workers boarded their flights and arrived at the destination airports as planned.
  • Assisted with the reception of workers at the destination airports so that the workers had the confidence that FSI had taken responsibility for them from sourcing, through selection and finally to reception.


The workers settled quickly and are working effectively. Our clients are happy with the workers they received and are assisting FSI with a third party audit to establish whether employment has met expectations.