This is the heartbeat of FSI Worldwide. We started operations from Nepal in 2006 and have grown from there. We have three main source countries: Nepal, India and the Philippines.

Nepal is a vital source of foreign workers for the global work space and Nepalis are ubiquitous in many countries where they are valued for their excellent work ethos, honesty and loyalty. We find these workers through a network of offices spread across the country and a significant hub in Kathmandu. Our reach means that we are not dependent on advertising as our highly experienced staff have powerful networks in the local community as so many workers have returned from successful employment enhancing our excellent reputation.

India, with its vast supply of workers, is a go to location for many companies requiring large work forces. We operate two offices outside the main cities but perfectly positioned to access the workers most often sought. The Government of India’s e-Migrate system is now required to authorise worker deployments. We understand this new process and are able to support clients navigate the protocols required.

We work with a Philippine partner operating a Manila office and a office in the south of the country. Our partner is ethically aligned with us and has done significant advocacy on fair employment for Philippine workers. Filipinos are highly skilled and the availability of technicians, medical staff, engineers and others remains very good.

In all three source countries our staff are locals with international experience who understand likely client requirements and the necessity for responsive and professional services. Their knowledge and experience of the complex government processes required for safe worker mobilisation are critical to the smooth selection and deployment of the workers client’s need. They will assist planning by providing accurate and detailed timelines to highlight when decisions must be made, mobilise to order and deliver personnel to contracts on time.