FSI Worldwide’s ethos and management style remains grounded in the Gurkha and British Military values of unwavering integrity and dedication to duty. These core values are further enhanced by a powerful purpose felt by all FSI Worldwide employees, associates and clients. That purpose is to increase the opportunities for productive and worthwhile employment across the developing world with an ethical recruitment and management model that benefits employees and clients.

Gurkhas have been recruited by the British and Indian armies since 1815 mainly from four Nepalese tribes who live in the mountainous foothills of the Himalayas.  To become a Gurkha remains a great honour and competition for places is fierce with less than one percent of candidates successfully completing the selection process.  In both the British and Indian armies, the modern Gurkha is part of the military elite – specially selected and trained to the highest standards as part of a unit whose operational record is second to none.

Kaida is a word which in the British Army is unique to the Brigade of Gurkhas.  In its simplest translation, it means a combination of custom and tradition.  Within the Brigade it has a wider translation and that is a method of operating based on traditions and a unique culture.  The purpose of Kaida is to encourage professional excellence at all times, the maintenance of high standards and military innovation.  It forms the basis of the Gurkha’s strong leadership ethos.  It is, in short, the Gurkha’s vehicle for achieving success.

Gurkhas are well trained, quick thinking, innovative and highly professional soldiers with an exceptionally high standard of leadership and personal skills.  The best definition of the Gurkha Regimental spirit was produced by Field Marshal Lord Bramall in 1966: ‘. . . pride in fighting qualities and professional skill, intelligent and humane discipline, sympathy and

understanding between all ranks and concern for the individual, for his welfare and for that of his dependents . . This is exactly the spirit that we strive to embrace.

In the old Gurkha Brigade of the British Indian Army, the officers and soldiers of the 5th Royal Gurkha Rifles (5 RGR) won 7 VCs. This is more than any other Gurkha Regiment before or since.  They had a motto that best encapsulates the Gurkha ethos, a mix of Kaida and Gurkha Regimental spirit: ‘Hami Jasto Kohi Chhaina’ (There is nobody quite like us).  Gurkhas are unique.  It is the qualities of the Gurkha soldier that makes the regiment, but it is the standards and Kaida of the Regiment that make the Gurkha soldier which in turn delivers an outstanding operational record.  In battle Gurkhas have another motto:  Kathar hunu banda marnu ramro – it is better to die than be a coward.

FSI Worldwide has taken the experiences learned from service with Gurkhas, Kaida and the ‘serve to lead’ ethos of the British Army’s officer corps and brought this to the successful delivery of manpower solutions across a number of geographies and industries. This modus operandi finds favour with enlightened clients who recognise the importance of ethical recruitment, close management and the energy delivered by the FSI Group of companies.