FSI Worldwide’s activities in Africa are managed from the office in Nairobi, which enables easy access to the region. The expat and local FSI Worldwide staff in Kenya were born in that country, they speak Swahili and other dialects, and they have an ‘under-the-skin’ understanding of the region. An advantage that FSI Worldwide is able to leverage as a consequence of this local knowledge is the access that personal contacts enable.

FSI Worldwide is a registered security company in Kenya and an accredited overseas manpower provider. We have delivered a variety of security and risk management services in the region including security risk assessments, consultancy, route reconnaissance, HEAT training and firearms training. From a recruitment perspective, FSI Worldwide’s unique ethical approach is very well received in the region, where morally correct practices commonly take second place to money making through the exploitation of workers.

FSI Worldwide is able to recruit from a variety of countries in the region including Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, and Mauritius, and has experience recruiting across industry types, including security, medical, construction and executive search for specialised professionals.

In an environment where complete trust is so necessary and difficult to find, satisfaction will be found with FSI in Africa, as the company’s culture and values support the moral backbone sought by those that value integrity.