FSI Worldwide has a unique approach to security solutions that is based on the military estimate and planning process (“The Seven Questions Combat Estimate”) which enforces early collaboration and a deep understanding of the client’s priorities and intent. This approach is reinforced and complemented by the close management of security personnel (often, but not exclusively, Gurkhas) in Security Officer roles who will deliver enhanced levels of professionalism to projects, and offer a capability that is proactive, dynamic, responsive and adaptable.

FSI Worldwide has a proven track record in the delivery of security solutions and considerable experience of guarding government sites and Critical National Infrastructure (“CNI”) projects. FSI Worldwide’s specialist Risk Consultant is also one of the UK’s leading authorities on Close Protection and Intervention and this has allowed us to develop considerable experience in the provision of security to High Net Worth Individuals worldwide. All FSI Worldwide’s CP Operatives (“CPOs”) are appropriately trained and licensed. In addition to physical CP they can offer a wide range of other ‘associated services’.

FSI Worldwide has developed considerable experience in the provision of armed security and particularly in high threat environments. We have a deep understanding of specific legislation, national protocols and the enhanced screening and training required to deliver operational success.  FSI Worldwide also provides significant manpower to Prime Security Contractors and Multinationals that secure sensitive sites in Kabul and Baghdad.

In UK, FSI Europe has guarded a multitude of high profile clients including the US embassy in London; the Olympic Construction site in Stratford; The Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry; and, indirectly, Hinkley Point (C) nuclear power Station.

The Europe business also delivers Tier 1 security and enabling services direct to Network Rail (NR) and operates as a Tier 2 supplier to many of NR’s principal contractors on flagship infrastructure projects. The security work on UK infrastructure projects has been externally audited by a contracted security QA provider and described as ‘best in class’ – collaborative, intelligent and innovative.

FSI Worldwide also offers high quality security related training. Collaboratively, FSI has delivered bespoke security training, HEAT and mentoring,  to a number of clients in UK, Africa and the Middle East.