FSI Worldwide understands that different worker nationalities fit differing requirements for skills, experience, language, speed of deployment, availability and cost. We meet these needs by recruitment from UK, Afghanistan, India, East Africa, Nepal, Uganda, the Philippines, Qatar and South America. Most recruitment is by FSI companies although we work with trusted partners for some specific requirements.

Recruitment is only as good as the recruiters doing the work. FSI Worldwide’s country teams consist of locals with international experience who understand what our clients need and more importantly, how to find the best candidates and prepare them for deployment. Our staff are dispersed across source countries so that we can find candidates well outside capital cities.

Where our clients have particular training needs we go beyond briefing candidates and ensure they are trained to the required standard. This is delivered by FSI Worldwide or by a training provider who may be better placed to deliver technical training. We coordinate all this activity so that there is no need for clients to be present in the source country unless they wish to be.

Compliance with local laws and regulations is critical so FSI Worldwide remains up to date, regularly informing clients when there is change and advising them of any impact on their plans. This allows us to mitigate local problems or deploy an alternative nationality to meet timings. It is not enough to select the best candidates, they must also be successfully moved to the work country. FSI Worldwide remains fully engaged until the workers have started at our clients’ sites.