Staff Medical Brightstar

Staff Medical Brightstar

British Medical Staff Supplier

Between 2015 and 2017 FSI worked with a placement agency which supplied medical staff to a major state owned health services provider in the Middle East.


Our client is an experienced recruiter of European medical professionals but had no experience of recruitment in the developing world. The government client required African and Filipino nurses and our client understood that these markets differ greatly from the European one so requested our assistance.


The FSI Solution

We had previously recruited medical staff but in small numbers so this was a new challenge.

To meet the challenge, we did the following:

  • Understood the competition and the methods they were using so that we could put a more efficient process in place.
  • For Africa, we targeted candidates in Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. This was necessary as the qualifications and experience requirements were demanding and it was clear that the pool of candidates in any one country would be limited.
  • Identified Joint Commission International accredited hospitals to source the best nurses.
  • Established relationships with experienced medical assessors in all countries to ensure that we were approaching this new problem intelligently and had the capability for effective screening.
  • Delivered multi-channel marketing efforts to attract the best candidates.
  • Worked closely with the client to upload hundreds of suitable candidates to fill very specific roles.
  • Coordinated interviews, the attestation of documents, the completion of Prometric assessments and the deployment of the nurses to the Middle East.



The scale and complexity of this contract increased and decreased inconsistently. FSI maintained clear communications with our client so that the number of nurses available and their readiness for deployment was well understood throughout. Where processes worked well, we systematised them. Where they could be improved, we did so quickly and kept searching for refinements.

Deployed nurses performed superbly. FSI’s attention to detail at the early stages of recruitment paid dividends as the selected nurses were fit for role, suited to employment in the Middle East and well briefed so that they encountered few surprises.

FSI is sensitive to the need of governments to retain medical professionals to service national needs. We therefore focussed our efforts where there was a surplus of candidates and remained sensitive to local needs.