We have operated in the Middle East for many years so have been immersed in the construction boom as well as the funding crunches arising from the 2008 financial crisis and the reduction in the oil price. As clients work hard to meet the high standards required by organisations such as the Qatar Foundation and the Dubai Expo 2020 Committee we have an important contribution to make to labour solutions.

As blue collar migrant workers operate on sites for months or years at a time it is critical that they are ethically recruited based on capability and experience and that they are fully integrated into existing client  human resources management systems so that a unified, happy and productive workforce does not become a management burden. We start this by ensuring that workers pay no fees for their employment so that they arrive without a debt bondage burden which also greatly reduces the remittances their families receive. We thoroughly prepare the workers for deployment so that they are aligned with client processes prior to arrival and integrate smoothly at the project.

The high technical capability and safety requirements which clients require are met by us through careful selection and preparation. Where clients need assurance we deliver skills training and assessments to guarantee individual standards. We deliver this independently or in partnership with client technical and human resources experts.

Client needs differ dependent upon project or company requirements and other environmental factors such as the culture of the territory. We are able to source suitable candidates from a broad geography; Europe, the USA, South America and AMEA.