US Security Contractor South Asia 1

US Security Contractor South Asia 1

Between 2012 and 2017, FSI worked with a US security contractor in South Asia.



Prior to our involvement with this project, another US security contractor had failed to transition the contract because the incumbent Gurkha static armed security force employees were benefiting from bridging contract conditions and had disrupted the transition. The

disruption was so serious that there was concern for the safety of personnel at the project as indiscipline was rife. The contract was going to be a significant challenge for all parties as the situation had degraded sufficiently that communications were difficult and security was threatened.


The FSI Solution

The new US security contractor quickly reached out to FSI, understanding that we would have the experience and people to unravel the problems at the project and in the countries of origin of the staff. Effective solutions would be required concurrently in multiple countries.

To meet the challenge, we provided:

  • A high quality audit team of senior managers and operations managers.
  • An audit report with detailed recommendations on which employees should be retained and which should be terminated.
  • Highly experienced leaders who, over several weeks, persuaded the best incumbents to sign new employment contracts.
  • A pipeline of many new hires who were deployed to replace guards who did not transition.
  • Focussed recommendations for a leadership structure to prevent recurrence of the risk.
  • Ongoing support in the leadership, recruitment administration, payroll, travel, welfare and training functions.



Since our engagement, the project has not had a vacant position and we have provided additional leadership, medical and technical staff. The project has grown and we have supported this through improved security vetting and other mobilisation processes which have provided a steady flow of graduates from training.

Our client and the ultimate government client have inspected our processes regularly and found them to be excellent.

Attacks on the project have been successfully repelled with bravery and professionalism. Where there have been casualties they have been well cared for and we have administered their recovery through family liaison and insurance coordination.

This project is an excellent example of a close partnership between the government purchasing the service, the contractor delivering the service, FSI providing the security operators and the recruitment country governments supporting the whole effort because it is in the interests of them and their citizens who are the employees.


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