We were founded by former British Army Gurkhas so security is in our blood. We have provided and continue to provide armed security operators for multiple diplomatic missions and other government sites. With over 10 years of exceptional operational performance our clients return to us time and again as we understand their needs in detail and get the best people in place without fuss.

Governments, commercial entities and NGOs operating in high threat areas must provide their employees with a high degree of assurance that they will be able to operate in a safe environment, protected by operators who are well tuned to the environment, alert and professional, but sensitive to individual client requirements.

The highly technical requirements of diplomatic, infrastructure and energy security are familiar to us. We know that clients will need security operators to have exemplary records, great personal skills and a level of trustworthiness which allows them to operate without undue supervision. Our experienced recruiters have unique links to the militaries and police forces from which we recruit, allowing us to source the best talent and verify that the operators are exactly who they say they are.

Where training is required we deliver it to the agreed standard. This could be a briefing or several weeks training to bring the operators to an exceptional standard for particularly testing projects.

Client requirements will differ dependent upon the threat level and other environmental factors such as the culture of the territory. We are able to source personnel from UK, the USA, Nepal, India, the Philippines, Africa and Latin America to ensure that clients have the perfect fit.