Some clients want recruitment and no further services. Others need more. Where clients do not have companies in work countries they often require FSI Worldwide to use our local entities to be the employer. Also, where the requirement for workers is intermittent, for example, less than 40 hours per week, clients do not want the burden of employing a full time worker who is not used for a full working week.

FSI Worldwide has the capacity to provide workers on demand, either short term for a few days or weeks, or for months or years. This is possible due to scale and a client base which is sufficiently deep to allow workers to be moved between different projects. Our adherence to laws and regulations remains paramount so we are careful to ensure that our people are not overworked and that they arrive at each site fresh and ready to deliver the best quality services. Where applicable, teams of workers are deployed with managers so that clients need only brief the required outcomes which are then delivered.

Clients may require FSI Worldwide to be the employer and in these cases FSI Worldwide will be as involved as is required. We will fulfil the standard employer liabilities such as payment of salaries and insurance but accommodation, feeding, transportation, management and other add on services are negotiated as required.

FSI Worldwide’s experienced country staff are fully cognisant of local laws and regulations and have deep employment experience to ensure that the movement of workers through government immigration controls, including medical requirements. They are proactive HR managers who lead a productive and happy work force.