FSI Worldwide provides a turnkey recruitment service. Between the recruitment and management services there are a range of add-ons which a client selects as required. These may include:

  • Training in the source country.
  • Air and ground movement between the source country and the work site.
  • Visas, medicals and other government requirements in the work country.
  • Non-employment insurance.
  • Accommodation
  • Feeding and other life support.
  • Provision of equipment and clothing.
  • Provision of medical services.
  • Training and certifications.
  • Work country orientation to the employer, the work site and the job.
  • Workforce leadership and management including dispute resolution.
  • Welfare provision to workers’ dependents in source countries.
  • Welfare provision to workers in work countries.
  • Payroll
  • HR processes including annual reviews, remedial training and disciplinary interviews.
  • Leave management including travel.
  • Consultancy to employers.
  • Replacement of workers.


The more of the above services that are selected, the closer FSI Worldwide moves towards being the employer and the less administrative effort is required by the client. If the majority of add-on services are required, FSI Worldwide delivers them with staff embedded at the work site who work exclusively in support of the project.